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Anna : The u:th leader...

Anna: The u:th leader
 Title seems nice, the man seems nice, he is doing nice and government is on the back foot. Everything seems so what I think is quite unrealistic. I am not saying Hazare is doing wrong or the steps that are being taken have some flaws but what I want to point out is the way government is behaving. I read about the Jan Lokpal Bill over the Internet and the information what I got can be drafted in a single sentence here. “Jan Lokpal Bill if passed, will work as totally independent body just as Supreme court or Election commission and will investigate the corruption cases. Also the body will try to fasten the judiciary system to close the pending cases. I have huge respect for honorable Supreme court but I am not sure about election commission. No offense :)
Theoretically, its perfect but what on the practical grounds. No doubt I am not some law expert to talk about this but when I look around, after so many years what we have achieved is money in swiss bank accounts, corrupt politicians and government officials, million and billion of money vanished in scams and things like that. Even to get cured, one has to give Rs.100/- bribe to the attendant who handle files at government hospitals!
Every single paisa which I pay in tax or to get rid of small problems, which is commonly known as bribe, hurts and it hurts a lot. I remember when I read biography of Bhagat Singh. He mentioned the situation we are facing once when he was talking to his friends. Every single word written in the book is coming true. What should I say? The practical thinking of Bhagat Singh beat Nostradamus? Though it is a little sarcastic for the present politicians but unfortunately its true.
All we need is a better leader. No country or a group of people can move further without a leader and someone has to take the responsibility. In last 60 years many people tried to eradicate the corruption but failed. Anna Hazare is moving faster than them because of the media and Internet. These two mediums are connecting people and the moment is getting stronger everyday.
But still some questions keep on poking my mind.

1.    How far it can go? It is true that every citizen of India who is not the earning part of the corrupt system, is standing against it and there are also some black sheep in the crowd who are trying to mix up with the crowd and saving their ass. But if you look around, you will the number of earning people in the game called corruption is more than who are paying. So this question will keep on poking me for some more time.

2.    What about Anna Hazare? He won’t come in politics and that a sure thing. But what if someone uses his name? That will create issues for sure as political parties have already started trying to use his name.

3.    What next? Moment have started. Everyone is sending sms, posting status updates, joining candle march and all but will this be sufficient? government is on back-foot only because media is with Anna Hazare. Okay do you remember the the movie Rann? Thats the true story of politics. It takes merely one day to ruin the image of someone. One negative news about the moment and everything will collapse like the house of cards. This kind of scares me as the moment is gaining the pace very quickly.

4.    What about the politicians? Who is not involved in the corruption? Every single politician is. “Everything can be sold out, you just need to know the way.”
I know I am not going out and supporting him in one or the other way but practically I am doing my part and that I know will have some effect for sure. For those who think I just know how to sit at home and relax, I have not paid a bribe from last 5 months for anything and still I am not in mood to do so. I was not waiting for this moment to get started, I was doing what I can do at my level.
Going out on march and yelling will not solve the problem. You have cure yourself first. Stop giving money to get work done. Then yell :)

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Shantanu Shukla 8 अप्रैल 2011 को 10:16 am  

अत्यंत शोचनीय विषय है
आपकी बात सही है. उच्च न्यालय भी विश्वसनीयता के दायरे से बहार आ चुके हैं.
ऐसी अवस्था में में लोकपाल बिल की सफलता संदिग्ध है.
पर एक बात स्पष्ट है की इसके दुरुपयोग की आशंका अत्यंत क्षीण है.